Castor Vase: In Depth



Nature in all its splendor provides small nuances that are an unlimited source of inspiration and heritage. The Castor vase is the execution of poetic simplicity, bringing attention to these intricacies of our surroundings. The elegant lines and intriguing shadows insight personal recollection of memories once thought to be lost. We have all experience nature in one way shape or form. The Castor vase is a unique invitation to bring the outdoors in and rekindle the passion we all have to experience life.


The Castor Vase was designed in early 2005 when Palette Industries was invited to participate in the OFF/CUT exhibition setup by premier Canadian designers, Patty Johnson, Robin Speke and Geoffrey Lilge. This exhibition was based around what a designer could do with two pieces of offcut 2×4. This exhibition was to tour Toronto, New York, and Milan showcasing the diverse talents of up and coming Canadian designers. Unfortunately due to shortage of funding the exhibition dissolved, but from the exercise spawned the original wood castor vase.


The first Castor Vase later evolved into a ceramic piece when the designers of Palette Industries wanted to exercise a medium they didn’t intially have much experience with. With help of local mould makers and many trial and errors with slip casting, the first ceramic edition of the Castor Vase was born.


The castor vase since then has gone through a few transformations through materials and glazing, and has even been introduced in different colors. Black White and most recently an exclusive Red for the Souvenir Shop

Made of kiln fired Stoneware, the Castor Vase is 3.75 inches wide and 18 inches tall.


Featured in an article, we think that highlights the Canadiana aspect of the vase Here  

The vase is currently in limited production run, please contact for more information regarding availability and customizable features.