About Palette Industries


Founded in 2005, Palette Industries has set out to substantiate a multidisciplinary approach to design. Palette brings together a group of three talented individuals, Nathan Tremblay, Ian Campana and Samuel Ho to create a diverse perspective on our ever changing surroundings. Palette’s unique blending of artistic ingenuity, craftsmanship and engineering is a testament to their artistic philosophy and its ultimate manifestation. Based on the principles of emancipating theories, chronicles and stories from substance rich objects, these concepts breathe life into their designs beyond just form and function. Palette strives to construct unique situations that explore the intrinsic nature of our own embedded narratives, personally and communally, creating a continuously evolving dialogue between the object, the individual and the environment. In doing so, the collective has attracted attention from publications such as Azure Magazine, Design Boom, Western Living, Grazia Casa Italy, Architectual Digest France and many more. Recognized for design excellence, they have received high accolade from organizations such as Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), European Commision (European Greenlight Programme), and the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America). Their work has been exhibited worldwide including the Light + Building Trade Show in Frankfurt Germany, Interior Design Show in Toronto, IDEA Thaw exhibit in Edmonton, and Alberta at the SmithsonianFolklife Festival in Washington D.C. They have worked on multiple projects in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, with clients such as Pure Design, world renowned artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller and Massie Office.

Palette Industries is currently based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. www.paletteindustries.com