Nuance / Nuisance #23

We here at Palette have been compiling a list of public irritants that may someday inspire us to make a new product for.

We will now start sharing them as we go along, here’s my public irritant: Potholes!

“You usually have like a millisecond after you see them, then you brace for impact and feel bad for your car immediately” -Sam

85 Project

In addition to keeping busy with Palette projects, Nathan has been a research assistant on the 85 project. The 85 project outlines a poetic multi-media investigation into the reception of the Chinese language and culture into English. The operation involves several transfers: from the original Chinese text into a literal character-for-word translation, then into 85 English letters, and into a visual poem. The visual poem is subsequently read aloud, and that reading is videotaped. Readers struggle to assemble words and phrases, creating if only for a moment the strange experience of speaking another culture. Concomitantly, the potential of reading English is unlocked by the permutation of letters. The reader of an 85 becomes a writer who manipulates language in its materiality. You can check out more about the project at the website.

Want a Red Castor Vase? FOR FREE?

We love our fans and would like to give back! If you want a Limited Edition Red Castor Vase (Retail 160$, probably more cause of its rareness) , its really easy! Simply check out our FACEBOOK PAGE and Like US (if you haven’t already), Like the Post with the picture of the Castor Vase. In a week (Today is August 2) we will be randomly selecting one person from the list and giving them a lil piece of Palette Industries!  Sounds easy enough eh?

We’re alive and kicking!

Its been forever since our last update and we just wanted to let you know we are still here, working on lots of new and exciting projects.

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LEAP MAGAZINE Interview with Palette Industries about Alberta Cancer Foundation Chair

forefront4.jpg Recently Nathan Tremblay of Palette Industries was interviewed about their collaboration with the Alberta Cancer Foundation in designing and making of the ACF chairs in commemoration of the Foundations’ 25th Anniversary. Click here for the full article

  Photo Credit: Honoured Photography

Palette Industries creates the Alberta Cancer Foundation Chair


For the 25th Anniversary of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Palette Industries was invited to design 11 chairs to present and recognize the 11 chair heads in 11 departments in cancer research. The design itself was a modern take on their highly acclaimed Dharma Lounge, by melding innovation and modern styling the ACF chair reflected the foundation’s constant strives in innovative cancer research. This truly was an exciting and unique collaboration for both the firm and foundation.The text of the chair reads “Minds for a cancer free future.”15142_376157920203_65480520.jpg 15142_376157930203_65480520.jpg15142_376157935203_65480520.jpg

Castor Vase – In Depth


To find out more about this product please go here

Camus In-depth


To find out more details about this product go here

Palette Industries Goes to Cologne


Palette Industries will be launching the new Camus floor lamp. If you are going to the IMM show in Cologne, Germany look for us at Hall 3.1 as apart of the Designspotter Booth.

The Ornately Canadian Buoy Bench

Recently a private client who loved the Buoy bench concept (an evolution of the Buoy chair) wanted a more unique and exuberent version. And to our client’s delight we presented them with the “Ornately Canadian Buoy Bench.” With a custom Canadiana nostalgia inspired ornate pattern, and under the technical direction of acclaimed Canadian artist Bill Laing, this hand silkscreened bench has quickly became quite the attention grabber.


 ornate palette industries

Can you find all the Canadiana Nostalgia items? I think you should be able to EH?

canadian ornate